President’s 20th Anniversary Challenge

The President’s 20th Anniversary Challenge is a special donation matching program launched in conjunction with the Anniversary. The focus of this program is on Endowed Professorship donations.

Endowed Professorship will enable the University to attract the best scholars at an international level and to recognize our own distinguished faculty before external offers are made. Each Endowed Professorship entails a donation of HK$20 million. However, with dollar-for-dollar matching provided by the University (or the Government if Matching Grant Scheme is available), a donor only needs to commit HK$10 million. A permanent endowment of HK$20 million will be established with the donation and matching funds.

Annual return from the endowment will support the academic and research activities of the appointed professor, which may include part of his or her salary and start-up funds.

Timeline and Matching Criteria

  • The Anniversary Challenge started on April 8, 2011 at the 20th Anniversary Celebration Reception.
  • Matching is provided on a first-come-first-served basis, with a maximum quota of 10 Endowed Professorship donations tied to the Anniversary Challenge.

Donor Recognition

  • The Endowed Professorship may be named in honor of the donor, or a person or an entity of the choice of the donor.
  • The Endowed Professor will carry his or her full title on all occasions, in all academic publications, news, and international interactions.
  • When the Anniversary Challenge is completed in April 2012, there will be a ceremony honoring all the Endowed Professorship donors and the Professorship appointees.

Endowed Professorship Administration

  • Investment of the endowment principal will follow the University’s established guidelines.
  • Nomination and selection of the appointee will follow strictly the established procedures of the University.
  • The endowment annual return will benefit the individual named professor and give him or her added strength to pursue academic excellence. Funds may be provided as part of the salary, or as start-up funds and research funds.
  • There will be annual reporting to the donor on the use of the funds as well as the research progress of the professor concerned.